Join Imec

Benefits of IMEC:


1) The opportunity to network with colleagues from other states;

2) The opportunity for participation in professional development;

3) The opportunity to discuss issues related to national policy in the area of migrant education;

4) The opportunity to provide input as requested by Congress on the reauthorization of ESEA/Title 1, Part C;

5) The opportunity to share promising practices in migrant education;

6) The opportunity to be part of the national conversation with U.S. Department of Education officials on education's priorities;

7) The opportunity to connect with other federal agencies who work with migrant children and their families;

8) The opportunity to make site visits in hosting state;

9) The opportunity to keep updated on the latest educational, health and labor research that impacts migrant families;

10) The opportunity to participate in scheduled forums that address specific issues as they relate to migrant education.